8 health benefits of red wine you need to know

Moderate consumption of red wine is very beneficial for health, which has been determined by scientific and medical researchers. The healthnews.com website has 6 benefits of drinking red wine as follows:


1. Cancer prevention 

Red wine has resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that prevents free radicals from damaging the body. Resveratrol has been researched and proven by scientists to help reduce the incidence of cancer, such as leukemia, skin cancer, breast and prostate cancer.

2. Memory impairment room

Red wine is very good for the brain because of its anti-oxidant effect, which is a medicine to improve mental health and help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia.

3. Protect cardiovascular health

In red wine there is flavonoids that help prevent cardiovascular disease. Every day a glass of red wine enhances good cholesterol (HDL), which works to prevent arteriosclerosis, which helps to make blood more diluted, thus preventing the risk of arterial occlusion. There is also a good effect in preventing cardiovascular disease.

4. Reduce inflammation

Resveratrol helps minimize the effects of ultraviolet rays causing premature aging, preventing oxidative reactions and infectious bacteria. Scientists believe that resveratrol is better than vitamin E. When cells are stimulated from the outside, COX-2 enzymes will appear more and cause inflammatory reactions, red wine will interfere with enzyme activity, epoxidation and preventive resveratrol. painful inflammation. In terms of analgesic function, resveratrol is not inferior to aspirin.

5. Controlling body weight

Red wine helps control weight, during meals it is a low calorie alcoholic drink. Weight control is because red wine helps burn a lot of body heat and makes you eat less.

6. Stimulating digestion

Meals with a glass of wine will give you a better appetite, stimulate food digestion, avoid bloating after a meal.

7. Red wine and onions cure many diseases

Just 2 moderate onions and 500ml of red wine, you can make a wine with many precious features such as stabilizing blood pressure, lowering blood sugar in diabetes, improving vision, treating nocturia , reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, constipation treatment ...

8. Relax and reduce stress

Finally, you may not notice the good points mentioned above, but drinking a glass of red wine every night can help you feel refreshed and sleep better. Because work pressure is very harmful to health, drinking wine every day to ease the pressure is also a good way to support health.

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