How to drink wine ensures good health

Wine should not be stored in the refrigerator, stored in a dedicated cabinet from 15-18oC, drink 1-2 cups a day good for the heart, prevent aging

According to Kadeka's study, the daily drinking habits can help people increase cardiovascular health and live longer. Wine works to improve blood cholesterol levels in the direction of strengthening good cholesterol (HDL) and eliminating harmful cholesterol (LDL), which is a causative agent of venous disease, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack. .

Research has shown that resveratrol compounds found in red wine help prevent the growth of fat cells by reducing the size and speed of division of these cells. Tannins help prevent antioxidants, clean harmful free radicals for cells, especially help prevent lung cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, wine contains resveratrol, which can prevent tumor growth.

In red wine there is the presence of flavonoid compound with the effect of activating enzymes and slowing down the aging process. This compound is more powerful than antioxidants, such as vitamins C, E, selenium and zinc. Today, flavonoids are used in medicine to treat a number of diseases such as inflammation, allergies ... help the body regulate metabolism and anti-aging. This compound is also found in fruits and vegetables such as oranges, onions, parsley, green tea, but flavonoids are found in red wine by 15 to 20 times more than other fruits and vegetables.

Wine is not just for men. This drink is very suitable for women because the concentration is not too high but the taste is delicious. Many studies show that drinking a glass of wine daily helps women maintain beauty and prolong life.

Scientists have shown that wine contains many beauty ingredients so it is called the "medicinal god" of the skin. Particularly rich grape polyphenol components help stimulate exchange and reduce dark pigments on the skin to bring about whitening effect. 80% of SOD-containing wine features water and oil balance, shrinks pores, smoothes skin. Most people who used masks from wine responded that the skin was very tense, this effect was due to the presence of 50% more potent anti-aging ingredients in vitamin E, 25 times more than vitamin C. .

or those with dry skin, can massage with red wine. Nutrients in red wine will tighten pores and moisturize the skin. However, wine is essentially an alcoholic drink, so it should be used reasonably. Every day, only one to two glasses of wine in a meal will be helpful for the heart, preventing aging and prolonging life. Do not abuse.

Pay attention to the proper preservation mode to store the value of wine. It is necessary to consider this as a special drink because the ingredients of wine after being brewed and bottled continue to change. When exposed to the external environment, alcohol is easily broken and pale under the impact of air and moisture. Wine button is made of wood (cork knot), in hot temperature, the wooden knot will dry and gradually loosen, air enters into the bottle, causing alcohol to ferment, gradually becoming sour vinegar.

Do not store wine in the refrigerator because it loses useful substances in wine. The function of the refrigerator is to refresh the food by removing moisture from the cabinet to keep it fresh. This is not good for wine, especially wine that needs to be "breathed" and enough moisture to continue "live" because after bottled, the alcohol continues its metabolism, especially oxygen.

The best wine should be preserved in a dedicated cabinet, especially in tropical regions with hot climates, highly susceptible wine produces toxins that are harmful to health if not stored properly. Ideally, the wine storage cabinet temperature should be adjusted to 15 to 18 degrees.