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        Before going into detail about Bordeaux wine, let's go find the origin of French wine history. The culture of French wine began in the 6th century BC (BC), by the Phoenicians. Among the Phoenicians, the ancient Greeks made wine in southern Gaule. By the 2nd century BC, vines thrived in Provincia and Narbonne in the Languedoc region to export to Rome and Rome. Romans also grow grapes, but because Rome is an entertainment center, so much consumption is required to import wine from neighboring countries. At the end of the 1st century BC, at the beginning of the 1st century AD, due to the increasing demand for wine and large transportation costs, the vines were grown extensively outside of Gaule in the lands that fit the Biturica grape - nest fairy of Cabernet grape. In the Middle Ages, the transportation of wine on land by horse-drawn carriage was more expensive and dangerous than transporting by waterway. Therefore, the grape regions near the river also develop more favorably and are more commercially viable compared to regions without seaports such as Burgundy and Champagne. In the following centuries, the vine came to Bordeaux, Aquitania, Burgundy and eventually appeared throughout France. In 700, King Charlemagne developed his career as a wine. He created grape planting plans, grape picking techniques, grape juice and composted grapes in wooden crates to enhance the flavor.

Perhaps when we talk about the history of this wine region, we cannot ignore the historical event and also contribute to the introduction of Bordeaux wine to foreign countries, in 1152, the princess of Aquiteane is Eleanor married the English prince Henry Plantagenet. In the past, married women had to bring dowry. And of course, her dowry is Bordeaux wine bottles. The English people used to drink beer and whiskey before and after, so it was very interesting to drink wine. Besides, Princess Eleanor also intervened in the policy so that King Henry only reduced tax on wine imported from Bordeaux, increasing trade. The customs of this region apply a strange law that ships to and from ports must buy Bordeaux wine before they can trade or exchange goods. It must be said that thanks to the marriage on which Bordeaux benefited, Bordeaux wine outsold wine from other regions. So, Prince Richard the Lionheart used Bordeaux wine as his daily drink, and if Bordeaux was good for the king and the crown prince, would the British royal family refuse to use it. And from there, this region's wine is increasingly popular and widely used in the UK. They even exchanged goods with Bordeaux wine to store enough wine to enjoy in Easter and Christmas. Bordeaux region is a wine production area very close to the sea, so the climate here is favored by natural resources from the sea but also from the vast Gironde river, which separates Bordeaux into three wine regions. Characteristic features unique characteristics of taste. The first area to mention is the Médoc region, the left bank of the river, or the "Left bank of Gironde", this place must be called a great soil condition, where the bottle of rich and passionate red wine is born. the combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Referring to Bordeaux wine, how interesting it is that in addition to the bottle of rich red wine, we still find the charming sweet wines. The next most prominent wine region must be mentioned is the Dordogne right wing - "Right bank of Dordogne", St. Baron region, where it possesses extremely suitable soil to develop Merlot grape with the amount of soil The vineyard is sand, gravel and gravel, and perhaps this is also the reason why the wine here is more seductive than the strong Médoc guys. And the last wine region that is mentioned is the "Entre Deux Mers" center which means the area between 2 river branches, though not as prominent as the previous 2 regions, but the soil here is extremely suitable for bottles of white wine are cool and crispy.

Perhaps because of the diversity of soils and the soils, Bordeaux wine is full of enchanting and interesting, we can choose a masculine Bordeaux wine from Médoc or a light-hearted girl. From St.Emilion, an elegant and energetic girl of Entre Deux Mers or even a lovely sweet girl from Sauterne region.

The Bordeaux region has 57 AOC classifications (the highest grade for French wine) with 115,000 hectares of vineyards producing 6.5 million Hl of wine each year, of which red wine accounts for 5,500,000 Hl, one Impressive figures for this rich Bordeaux region. In 1855, Emperor Napoleon III authorized Bordeaux traders to launch the Grand - Cru rankings. So far, this category has become the most famous in the world for the superb quality of wine bottles in it.
French wine in general or Bordeaux in particular has become the economic foundation of France and is considered the standard for wine worldwide. France leads the wine supplying countries in Vietnam and if you ask anyone who is Vietnamese to name a wine they know, Bordeaux is a very famous name. Some even define Bordeaux as wine, and mistakenly call a bottle of Chilean wine.

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