Hold the Wine Glass properly

How to hold a glass of wine is something you should learn to become more confident in communication, partying, events. How to hold a glass of wine directly affects the look of everyone for you. Don't let me fumble in a party of "cool" people!

Wine is considered as the "stage" of European cuisine when making each dish become more charming and refined than it is. Each type of wine has its own combination that needs to be considered, carefully researched to get the most standardized taste. Even how to hold, pour, preserve each bottle of wine, which is the culinary elite, must also follow certain rules. Improper serving of wine can make the taste go wrong and even ruin a luxurious party.

Here's how to hold a glass of wine and how to use it for you!

Before drinking:

- With white wine and pink wine: in the summer, it is recommended to soak it before using it because the standard temperature for enjoying these two wines is about 10 to 12 degrees C. Pour it into the ice bucket.

- With red wine: the standard temperature is slightly higher so just soak the stone enough. If left too long, the taste may be damaged. In addition, before using red wine, you need to open the bottle for about 15-30 minutes so that the wine is "breathed", meaning that it works with oxygen, allowing the alcohol to fly less. This makes the taste of the red wine stronger, stronger and more intense.

Type of glass used:

The most suitable cup to drink wine is a gourd cup, with a handle and a high leg. Different from champagne glass is tall, elongated.

How to hold a glass of wine:

Wine as well as champagne must have the necessary coldness, so when drinking, you should hold the glass in the base or foot, just lift your wine with your finger lightly. Avoid using the hand to contact the wine because the temperature from the palm will warm the wine, greatly affecting the taste, different when drinking strong alcohol.

How to pour wine:

- For red wine, just pour 1/2 cups and with white and pink wine, just pour 1/3 cup and enjoy slowly and slowly.

- When pouring wine into a glass, the bottle mouth must be separated from the glass. Do not put the bottle neck on the cup to pour.

- When pouring sparkling wines or champagne to pour 2 times, for the first time, wait for the foam to melt before pouring 2 times.

- Do not pour to the end, so leave a bit because there may be residue at the end of the bottle.

Order of serving wine on the banquet table:

- For a table with a variety of wines, the priority order will be white wine served before red wine, sour wine served before sweet wine, normal wine before good wine. Champagne used at the beginning of the party. Spirits should not be taken in the first place because it can affect taste, as well as being drunk when you are hungry.

- In the family, the rules for placing glasses are not so important, as long as it is convenient to collect and clean. However, in luxury restaurants, there are some installation principles you should also refer to: glass of red wine is usually placed on the left side of the white wine glass. If the whole party uses only one wine, the glass of wine is placed on the right side of the drinking glass. Do not put more than 4 cups on a table.

Methods of preservation:

- Contrary to the common belief that wine is displayed in a glass case, in fact, wine experts recommend that you leave the bottle horizontal, allowing the wine to come into contact with the cork (with oak stopper). . This will keep the button moist. If the button is dry, it will shrink and allow air to enter the bottle, seriously affecting the taste of the wine.

- The most ideal temperature to preserve wine is about 15-17 degrees Celsius, so it is a humid, dark place, avoiding sunlight because it can cause the temperature to warm up and affect the taste of wine.

- Wine should be best used 3-4 hours after opening, if left for a long time, when alcohol works with the air, the taste will no longer meet the standard. If at home, it is best to finish the bottle in the first few times because there is no way to fix it. In hotels, people use rubber buttons to minimize air or use nitrogen gas to compress air.

* More information on some ways to hold glasses when enjoying other wines:

Cocktail glass

Cups for cocktails also have different designs depending on the bartender. They are often used according to the name of the cocktail or in accordance with the corresponding presentation.

An indispensable tool for cocktail processing is shaker (see photo). In addition, cocktails can be decorated with slices of lemon, strawberry slices, tomatoes, carrots, etc., which are pruned into funny shapes and fun-filled baby umbrellas. Sometimes, beautiful toys like plastic swords, or plastic twists also adorn the eye-catching cocktail.

Glass of champagne

With crowded parties, banquets, people often line up in towers to pour many glasses at the same time, so often used cups are short, wide mouth. Also at the banquet table few people, should use cups with elongated shape, small diameter. This cup often keeps the wine sparkling longer, making it more interesting. Whether the glass is long or short, they all have high bases, drinkers often hold glasses at the base so that the hand temperature does not lose the necessary coldness of the wine in the glass.

Ly She reminded

Although it is a strong alcohol, but due to its origins in the grapes, the wine she reminded is often enjoyed with glasses with tulips. This type of glass, the body of the gourd, but the mouth is small, helps the delicate taste of the Mothers to be better preserved and honors the color and clarity of the wine.

The amount of Reminder pouring out on big cups is usually less or less so that the glass when placed on the table does not match the wine out. When holding a cup, use the palm of the hand under the bottom of the glass, the heat from the human body spreads to make the fragrance of the wine stand out more. When you put the glass on your nose, you will feel the original smell. When a slight shake of the glass will feel the consistency, the clarity of alcohol and aroma becomes stronger. When touching the tongue, she reminds me, little by little, the wine drinker will feel the fullness of the combination of the rich aroma and the special wine, unique, not mixed with other wines in the world. gender. Her wine, in addition to the above pure drink, can also be mixed with gaz or tonic water to make soft drinks or appetizers with special flavors.

Wishky glass

Usually small, with legs or thick cylindrical legs. A type of alcohol that is often used after meals, each pouring is only about 30cc, to avoid giving people a feeling of shock.

When drinking using your thumb and pointing, lift up the glass, apply it to the palm of your hand, then gently turn the glass so that the warmth of the hand is absorbed into the wine. After the wine warms up, gently tap each bit to enjoy the taste of the wine

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